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Maximum surface generated per unit volume.
Highly efficient multi-purpose media.
Most effective weapon for biological treatment.
Provides high oxygen transfer efficiency in wastewater treatment.Choke free and entire surface exposed for biological treatment.
Extremely high organic loading rates possible in  biological treatment.
High efficiency resulting in energy saving.
Backwash for cleaning operation simple and easy.
 Reduces plant size and space saving.
Cost effective, easy to install and  maintain.
Easy Up gradation of existing facilities.
Achievements and benefits in  Spiral based  systems:
A 90%  reduction in emulsified oils at levels of  2000 mg/l in aerobic treatment with a retention of 8 hrs.
A 80% nitrification in aerobic treatment (sewage treatment plant) in 6 – 7 hrs.
Sustained bio gas  production in spent wash  treatment with no upsets.
Increased yield in alcohol production  in fermentation process in lab trials.
The quantity of spirals required in any reactor does not exceed 5 – 10% of the liquid volume.
No addition of further quantity of spirals required for any  increase in organic load for the same flow rates. Bio mass generation totally dependent on the organic load.
Liquefy solid organic waste for convenient disposal with low retention.
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