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Other Random Media
1. Material of construction – PVC. Material of construction –  PP in different shapes and sizes.
2. Shape of spirals specially derived      for fluidizing. Simple rings with serrations or  with diagonals.
3. Specific gravity 1.05 Specific gravity 0.98
4. Behavior of spirals similar to sludge Media lighter than sludge and water
5. Spirals swirl and fluidize with slightest disturbance. Media floats on water.
6. No fine bubble diffusers required. Fine bubble diffusers a must.
7. 8 – 10% of liquid volume would be the max. media requirement irrespective of the organic load. Minimum 25% of liquid volume required. Quantity dependent on organic load.
8. Shut down and restart possible with ease as spiral support attached growth. Shut down and restart  sluggish as media floats on water and wetting surface of media inadequate.
9. Mass transfer efficiency high -  Continuous shearing of bio mass from the media occurs to provide a large population of bio mass for treatment. Mass transfer efficiency low – tubular shape of media may allow sludge accumulation inside the tube. The  generation of bio mass not as in spirals. Hence requirement of media would be  much more.
11. 6 hrs retention in aeration tank for sewage treatment adequate. May require at least 8- 12 hrs of retention in aeration tank.
12. Spirals is the only PVC medium that fluidizes. No other PVC media such as pipe
cuttings or moulded product fluidizes.
Media settles at the bottom of the aeration tank.
13. As spirals fluidizes along with sludge, no dead pockets in the reactor and no choking occurs in the media. Accumulation of sludge in the   aeration tank floor over a period of time  reduces treatment efficiency. This occurs as the PVC media is stacked and  does not fluidize.
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