Spirals permit a large population of micro organisms to reside on its surface in the reaction tank to degrade the organic material from the liquid. This typically is a function of organic and hydraulic loading on the spirals to treat wastewater of different characteristics.
The process of attached growth provides a greater efficiency, operational flexibility and versatility than any other aerobic biological treatment process.
Spirals combine activated sludge processes and trickling filter systems to achieve superior performance eliminating the need for recycle of sludge to the aeration tank maintaining biological activity to produce high quality treated water.
Spirals in anaerobic treatment provide high organic loading, very low retention time and consistent treatment of variable loads.

Flows with different characteristics especially in industrial wastewater can be treated with ease, lowering BOD and COD efficiently with production of bio gas in case of high organic loads.


The gas generated has high calorific value and higher yield. Spirals permit flexibility in operation of the process with ease and can be fine tuned to achieve the desired results

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