Fujino spirals as the process media give you, at one shot, a technologically superior, constantly & consistently efficient, enormously cost-effective, and practically maintenance-free plants designed for absolute ease of operation, flexibility in throughput and sustainable saving on capital and operating expenditure.
Fujino Spirals, a patented, meta-level, random packing media that enables biological treatment  plants to deliver better performance at 30 % lower costs in same-class plants   – demonstrable and sustainable results.
These extraordinary features and value-adds are a direct consequence of this proprietary, cutting-edge random packing media that lie at the heart of the biological treatment  plants.
The surface area per unit volume of the Spirals is an incredible 10 times or   more than any other media facilitating inordinately high transfer  efficiency higher than comparable size plants.
In contrast, the Spirals take up only an incredibly low 5% to 10% of the liquid volume allowing for the vessel dimensions and therefore Capital Expenditure  to be downsized by 30% and more. 
For the same class of plant, the volume of spirals needed is 75- 90 % lower than that required by any other  media resulting in enormous savings in Operational Expenditure 

The Spirals hardly need to be replenished, in the event, however, they can be topped up without shutting down the plant, virtually guaranteeing no downtime. 




Patent No. 198250

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